synthetic ice for hockey goalie training

Synthetic Ice for Goalies

Synthetic Ice for Goalies

SmartRink is serious about helping you understand using synthetic ice for goalies. We would like to work with you to help you understand how our products differ from other synthetic ice panels and synthetic creases for goalies. Our mission is to provide the best overall synthetic ice experience for goalies on a synthetic ice rink. Our primary advantages over other brands are:

  • FOREVER warranty due to our incredible synthetic panel durability for goalie training.
  • Superior Glide Performance for goalie training due to our uncompromising attention to our sinter pressed materials.
  • Client Product Confidence with our Home Trial advantage allows you, the goalie and/or the parent to try the product.

synthetic ice home trial

Goalie Training on Synthetic Ice

Let’s get right to the point – is hockey goalie training on a synthetic ice rink a good idea? I’ll be the first to admit that I am far from an expert in ice hockey goalie training. But here’s what I do know from being around the game with my own kids for over 20 years collectively. Hockey moms and dads who have goalies for kids tend to really understand the game. They pay attention to the little details, especially how the goalies on the team are trained and how the coaching staff work with them.

In my experience, from what I’ve seen, and from when I’ve coached or been involved with on ice training, often times the goalies become an after thought when it comes to specialized training. Not every team has the budget to bring in a specialized goalie coach. I think hockey parents with goalies for children therefore tend to take matters into their own hands. After all – not every coach knows what to do to help train and develop a goalie – especially one who might be newer to the position or even struggling with certain key aspects of the position.

So back to the original thought – is hockey goalie training on synthetic ice useful? Let’s look at it this way. Would it be helpful to be at home and work with your goalie on angles, shuffles, reflexes, and lateral slides? What if your kid was struggling with their high glove side? What could it mean to their development if they could practice in full gear, including skates, and realistically replicate their movements and decision making – but at home without the pressure of a 50 minute practice to get it figured out? To me the answers are pretty obvious. Being a goalie parent is already expensive no doubt. But many parents are already signing their kids up for extra development already – even when the parents have great knowledge of the position.

Maybe the time is right to invest in some high quality synthetic ice that allows your goalie kid to properly slide with their pads on. Take charge of your kids hockey goalie development – right in the comfort of your own home – on your schedule – by investing in high quality synthetic ice for goalies.

SmartRink Synthetic Ice Reviews

“it’s pretty easy to show and recommend someone the synthetic ice when the product is so good and works so well”
M. Evans, Kingston, Ontario
“I bought the ice from SmartRink and it is the best!!! …my son went from one of the lowest rated players in hockey to making the PeeweeA1 team this year!”
Coach O Pighin, British Columbia

Synthetic Ice Panels for Goalies

Our best synthetic ice panels for hockey goalies are SINTER Pressed. Most North American synthetic ice companies we come across use extruded material. We sell extruded material also, but because we sell both extruded and sinter pressed material, we feel very comfortable comparing the options for goalie training. We also feel we can be more helpful in assisting you to make an informed decision about buying synthetic ice panels for hockey goalies.

If you feel you would like additional information or maybe looking for a product and price comparison for synthetic ice rinks then please hit the Product / Price Request button below and a SmartRink representative will assist you as soon as possible.

SmartSkate8000 Synthetic Ice for Goalies

synthetic ice panel


Ready for goalie training at home? This is our high performance synthetic ice panel – for less. Both indoors and outdoors, this synthetic goalie ice product will beat the hockey pants off the best North American produced synthetic ice materials.

Incredibly durable, this German produced synthetic ice material is well suited with both budget and performance in mind.

  • Forever guaranteed synthetic ice surface for goalies!
  • Higher performance for less!
  • SINTER pressed solid sheets – greater density – great durability
  • No messy powdery residue on your goalies pads
  • UV stabilized
  • Can be used anywhere there is a solid flat, level surface

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Profast8000-SG Synthetic Ice for Goalies

synthetic ice panel


The Best synthetic ice for hockey goalies! Others try but they can’t come close to this glide and FOREVER Warranty!

This is our professional series product – but for the DIY home hockey market. If you want the best synthetic ice panel material for goalies on the market produced today, then this is it!

This German engineered and produced panel is made with SmartGlide Technology which means the spray on glide enhancer is 100% optional, and not required! EVER!

  • VHMWPe providing excellent balance between longevity and market leading, exceptional performance.
  • Multiple slip additives provide superior glide – for life!
  • Infused permanent glide enhancer
  • LIFETIME warranty
  • Extreme durability – no messy powdery residue
  • UV stabilized
  • can be used anywhere there is a solid flat, level surface

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Synthetic Ice Goalie Crease

Synthetic Goalie Crease

Synthetic Goalie Crease

Synthetic ice goalie creases are the best way to train at home. The permanent crease outline are machined coloured dots that are pressed into the synthetic ice panels and are visible on both sides.

Synthetic goalie creases are suitable for both of the above synthetic ice panels (Profast8000-SG or the SmartSkate8000 panels).

SmartRink has also completed full training facilities specifically for goaltender training.

Synthetic Ice for Goalies
Frequently Asked Questions

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Some products create a lot of dusty white power that sticks all over the goalie gear. What is SmartRink like in that regard?

Goalies will substantially mark up the ice around the crease, is the same true for synthetic ice?

What is the price per square foot? How much should I expect to pay?

What size are your panels? How thick are your panels?

How hard is synthetic ice to maintain?

Do you have any reviews or testimonials from goalies?

Photos of Synthetic Ice for Goalies

Be inspired by some of these photos of synthetic ice rinks for goalies. Let your imagination be your guide as your consider what your synthetic rink design might be. From the most simplistic synthetic goalie crease to practise angles, to a more professional looking backyard set-up – here are some great synthetic ice images and examples to get you thinking about your own synthetic ice rink at home!

Synthetic Ice Goalie Videos

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