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Synthetic Ice Rink HOME TRIAL! 

Try it before you buy it! In 30 seconds you’ll be that much closer to starting your synthetic ice HOME TRIAL. Simply complete this form and we’ll contact you with all the details about your synthetic ice rink home trial.

  • Synthetic Ice Trial in your home from the leader in synthetic ice innovation
  • Start skating and training at home today!
  • Get better at hockey faster
  • Next day shipping

Did you ever wish you could figure out an easier way to train with your kids? You watch them practice in the rink and wish you could work with them yourself. Well now you can anytime you want in the comfort and convenience of your own home using a synthetic ice rink. The SmartRink synthetic ice HOME TRIAL allows you to test drive the product with your kid(s) and enjoy training whenever you want with skates on!

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“Risk-free synthetic ice trial in your home!”

By choosing to take advantage of this offer you are able to HOME TRIAL SMARTRINK Synthetic Ice right now! You don’t have to pay a cent to use the product, and before you know it you’ll be training at home…with your skates on!
Please Note: Some shipping costs to your home apply.

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