synthetic ice rentals and events

Synthetic Ice Rentals & Events

Synthetic Ice Rentals & Events

SmartRink, your complete synthetic ice rental solution.


We offer world-class quality synthetic ice rentals suited for any skating event application, any time of the year.

SmartRink offers you a unique, affordable and fun solution to suit all your synthetic ice  rentals or event needs. Imagine offering a premium skating experience at your festival, promotional or community event.

You have the flexibility to have the surface indoors or outdoors, anytime of the year. The rental synthetic surface is easy to maintain, fast to install and can be moved if desired.

Client Testimonial:

SmartRink was a great option for our corporate event.  Between getting equipment shipped, onsite help and the overall look of the ice, everything went off without a hitch and looked fantastic.  Our guests had a great time and talked about it months after our event.

Rachel Church,

Manager, Membership Engagement at Palace Sports & Entertainment

Synthetic Ice Event & Rental Benefits

Unique Attraction
If you’re looking to provide a unique attraction at your next community or corporate event than look no further than synthetic ice rentals from SmartRink.  Synthetic ice can be placed anywhere that there is a flat and hard surface which allows for creative implementations.

Generate Media Attention
A unique attraction means extra media buzz which will help promote your event and provide post event recaps and media attention

Low Maintenance
All the fun without the maintenance costs and time investment of an ice rink.  No need to worry about ice melting and re surfacing. Focus on managing the vent, not the ice!

Sponsor Revenue Potential
With the added media buzz, synthetic ice rentals at community and corporate events provide a great sponsorship opportunity for event sponsors.

Creates Excitement
We often rent synthetic ice in areas where ice time is hard to come by or expensive due to limited surfaces and high demand.  By renting synthetic ice for your event it will create excitement for those who don’t normally get to skate or who have never learned to skate.

Great Event Memories
Synthetic ice events create lasting memories, and we often receive requests to support annual events.

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Synthetic Ice Event & Rental Photos

Synthetic Ice Event Videos

Synthetic ice rental videos include clips from NHL events,  community hockey tournament events, hotel and casino events, corporate events, figure skating demonstrations, and more!


Synthetic Ice Rental & Event
Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions from people interested in using synthetic ice as the focal point of their next community or corporate event.  Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about synthetic ice events and rentals which will help guide you through the process.

Can I use Normal Ice Skates? Should they be sharp?

Is the surface fine for either hockey or figure skating or recreational skating?

Can it be setup and placed outside? What is the operational temperature range?

How do you ship it?

How long does it take to install / uninstall?

So after it is all set up then what do we have to worry about?

What would be the ideal location?

What about a perimeter barrier system (boards)?

How much space is the setup going to take?

How safe and secure is the setup from vandalism or even theft?

I have volunteers (or paid crew) ready to assist with the setup and tear down – can you use them to save us money?

What about payment?

You have two different types of skating material. What is the difference?

How come you have various panel types and connection types?

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