community synthetic ice rinks

Community Synthetic Ice Rinks

Community Synthetic Ice Rinks

SmartRink™ is dedicated to supporting communities through positive growth by creating cost-effective recreaction spaces that are enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.


Is your community thinking about the viability of a community synthetic ice rink? Community rinks can take all shapes and sizes – literally. When it comes to synthetic ice community rinks there are numerous advantages – and possibly a few disadvantages to consider.

On the plus side the biggest one will likely be cost. A synthetic ice community rink would be considerably less money to construct than a mechanically refrigerated ice surface. Then there are the annual operating costs to consider as well. As a general rule of thumb a synthetic ice surface can typically provide a one year simple payback verses the comparison to the annual operating cost of a refrigerated system.

One consideration often overlooked is maintenance. Synthetic ice is not maintenance free – it has to be kept clean on a regular basis. We generally advise at least once daily to keep a surface clean. That is typically enough for an indoor surface. Depending on the location – more than once per day may be required if there is a lot of dust and dirt getting on the surface. However compare that to hourly for a refrigerated surface under normal use. So it’s a good idea to include a process for cleaning the surface daily so that the users can have the best experience possible.

A synthetic ice community rink can be various shapes and sizes. One emerging trend we see is the growing interest in skating trails where the synthetic ice takes on the shape of an existing path system for winter seasonal use. We have certain products that allow us to adjust the shape to whatever you want.

With a synthetic ice community rink, any flat, level area will make a suitable surface. If it gets cold enough and with the proper preparation you could even flood over and freeze water on top of the synthetic ice surface for 1 or 2 of the coldest months and then have the best of both worlds.

Active people lead healthier, happier lives. Studies also suggest that they have stronger connections to their communities.

However, improved access to recreational infrastructure means more than just fit and healthy residents. It means more opportunities for social engagement, stronger community spirit and a boost to the economy by way of tourism, revitalization programs and other revenue opportunities.

The idea of a Community Synthetic Ice Rink is just starting to catch on as cash strapped communities consider SmartRink Synthetic Ice as a viable recreation alternative. Not all synthetic ice products are well suited to community rink applications. Serious thought and consideration need to be given to the type of material and the right connection system for the application. SmartRink’s SINTER pressed synthetic ice material is trusted to deliver long term excellent performance and a connection system that will not fail over the short term or the long term.

Creative Uses of Public Spaces for Your Community Synthetic Ice Rink

  • Combine a ball hockey facility with ice skating.
  • Take the skate park idea to a whole new level combining skateboarding, with roller blading and ice skating.
  • Create a skating trail – could be seasonal or year round. Convert to a rollerblade, skateboarding, walking or bike trail during other seasons.
  • Create a “floating rink” – combine natural or man-made water with a platform of synthetic ice. It gives the appearance of skating on frozen water, anytime of year.
  • Take existing sports infrastructures such as basketball courts, tennis courts, skate parks, parking lots, turf fields, etc., and transform them into seasonal skating facilities for the winter months.
  • Add skating to a ski resort or a golf course – these would be unique new features aimed at providing additional recreational activities and value to tourists and regular facility users.
  • Create an outdoor speed skating oval for a fraction of the price of a refrigerated system.

Community Rink Synthetic Ice Panels

Although most suppliers claim to have a synthetic ice panel that is heavy duty or designed for community sized rinks, what they really mean is that they have a thicker panel. At SmartRink we take the time to really understand the intended use of your community ice rink and we have a variety of panels to offer you based on:

  • number of skaters in the community
  • inside or outside rink installation
  • permanent or temporary rink setup
  • the type of substrate the rink will be placed on
  • how the rink will be used in the community

For installation and safe skating peace of mind, contact us and we will help you understand all your community synthetic ice options.

HybridLock 1500 Medium Duty Panels

If need quick installation combined with connection strength then this community rink panel is for you. With HybridLock we can even install solid coloured line markings for hockey. This is our newest community synthetic ice panel system at 15mm thick.

ProFast1500 Synthetic Ice Specs


SmartLock 1800 Heavy Duty Panels

This community synthetic ice panel uses patented H-Tongue technology to provide the strongest panel connection system in the industry. These community synthetic ice panels can be installed virtually on any kind of surface. We trust the strength of this panel so much that it can be used in any kind of climate and can even have natural ice frozen over top without compromising the panel joint (allows for real ice in the winter time and synthetic ice in warmer months!). Solid coloured hockey line markings can be used with this system.

ProFast1800 Synthetic Ice Specs


SmartSnap 8000 Interlocking Panels

Excellent for quick and easy community setups where a level, firm substrate is available. These community panels are configured in easy to use weights and sizes. No special tools are required and virtually anyone can learn how to install this panel quickly. This community panel is perfect for temporary or seasonal setups.

ProFast8000 Specs

Community Synthetic Ice Photos

Be inspired by some of these synthetic community rink photos. Let your imagination be your guide as your consider what your ideal community rink would look like and where it could be placed! Some common examples you will notice include: Public Skating, Skating Lessons, Hockey Camps, Hockey Tournaments, Figure Skating Shows, Special Events, Synthetic Ice for Curling, and so much more!

Community Synthetic Ice Videos

We are committed to improving recreational access in all communities 

Whether you are a community struggling for funding, or a charity needing infrastructure, we have a solution for you. Check out our programs below and ask how our innovative solutions can help you.


RinkFunder is a turnkey program to get synthetic ice skating rinks fully funded and installed in your community. Our program brings together residents and businesses to support the funding of their municipal and neighbourhood rinks – all within 60 days.
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Score1ForKids focuses on developing recreational infrastructure for underserved youth. We bring together community and social change organizations, with the interest of supporting healthy development of kids in need of some extra support.  COMING SOON!

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