Residential Synthetic Ice Inquiry

Residential Synthetic Ice Inquiry

SmartRink has several residential synthetic ice do it yourself options that will not only meet your budget but will allow you and your family to experience skating at home whenever you want. Would you like more information on SmartRink synthetic ice? Please complete the following form.

  • Our SmartSkate panel is perfect for the small DIY rink. The ProFast panel is commercial quality and is ideal for larger and more sophisticated home rinks.

  • Since we’re so confident in our product, we’re the only synthetic ice company that offers a no obligation home trial program! Find out what it’s like to skate on our synthetic ice in the comfort of your own home (just pay shipping). Simply check the box to learn more!

Please note: by filling out this residential synthetic ice inquiry form you are giving permission for SmartRink to send you additional valuable information. This information will never be sold or used for any other purpose other than your request.

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