Why a Synthetic Ice Rink is Right for You

Synthetic ice could be the perfect home solution

If you haven’t given serious thought to the idea of a synthetic ice rink, you might want to take another look at this unique option. Whether you’re a serious athlete that needs a 24/7 ice rink, or just looking for a fun recreational rink, synthetic ice is the perfect solution. In the past, synthetic ice skating rinks were fun, but didn’t offer the smooth ride that traditional ice does. New advances in technology have made synthetic ice better than ever –  much closer to the real thing  without the expense of maintaining a real ice skating rink.

Practice Makes Perfect on a Synthetic Ice Skating Rink

These days, it’s more important than ever to get an edge on your competition – and a synthetic ice skating rink is the perfect way to do it. Whether your sport is hockey or figure skating, getting in extra practice hours can be difficult. Finding a rink that’s available when you need it can be a huge hassle – not to mention the high cost of rink time rental. Synthetic ice skating rinks require an initial upfront investment, but these rinks more than pay for themselves over time. Plus, imagine being able to fit in those extra practice hours, anytime that it is convenient for you. It’s what the pros do, and all those extra hours will help you realize your professional dreams, too. If you’re looking for a sporting edge, a backyard ice skating rink, or synthetic ice rink in your basement or rec room may be just what you’re looking for.

Synthetic Ice Rinks are Better for the Environment

Synthetic ice rinks are an eco-friendly outdoor recreation option that everyone can enjoy – and feel good about using. With a synthetic skating rink, there is no electricity required to maintain the surface and no fuel or energy is used for ice-resurfacing equipment. Water is only required for cleaning and the use of  potentially harmful refrigeration gasses is not needed to keep it cool. In addition, all materials used in a synthetic ice rink are recyclable after their use, so there isn’t a large amount of landfill waste. Communities that are committed to “going green” are realizing that a synthetic rink is a great solution to provide an Earth-friendly recreational activity.

Synthetic Ice Panels Can Create Limitless Possibilities

SmartRink synthetic ice panels work by interlocking to create a synthetic ice rink that can be as small or as large as you need it. From individual-sized rinks to large recreational rinks, high-quality synthetic ice panels lock in place without any seams to trip up skaters. The result is a smooth surface that is perfect for home practice for all your favorite skating activities.

The SmartRink “ProFast” line of synthetic ice is made from Ice-Y-Blue700™ engineered material and provides a smooth glide, without messy residue or excessive shavings. To learn more about the SmartRink difference, visit our web site and discover why a synthetic ice rink is right for you.


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