What You SHOULD Expect From Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice is an opportunity for communities. We’ve seen it provide much needed recreational infrastructure, revitalize diminished shopping districts and even become a catalyst for tourism. It’s an alternative to real ice that offers various financial benefits.

Though it does require slightly more effort to skate on, synthetic ice should still be a premium skating experience. But, as with most products and services, quality and company expertise do matter.

What we see time and again are stories of failed synthetic ice projects due to improper product selection from companies that don’t have validated quality track records or adequate experience.  Instances of raised edges, tripping hazards and difficulty skating are never acceptable.

Outdoor synthetic ice applications call for sinter pressed, very high molecular weight material, with a commercial heavy duty connection system. This not only ensures that the joint system won’t be compromised by changes in groundwork (such as frost heave) you can even flood over this product to achieve natural ice when weather permits and enjoy synthetic ice the rest of the year.

We understand that recreation budgets are limited and the lowest price can be attractive. But there is no doubt here, that cheapest never equates to best outcome. Tax payers deserve an experience that gives their community a boost — in physical activity, in business growth and in spirit.

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