Recreational Infrastructure

Recreational Infrastructure

Hockey on a SmartRink™ Community Ice Rink

Recreational Infrastructure in your Community.

Active people lead healthier, happier lives and have stronger connections to their communities. But, improved access to recreational infrastructure means more than just fit and healthy residents. It means more opportunities for social engagement, stronger community spirit and a boost to the economy by way of tourism, revitalization programs and additional revenue opportunities.

Did you know that recreation services are often seen as one of the most important factors in how appealing a community is to live in? Further more, the “equal access” nature of these facilities fosters a sense of inclusivity among community members. It promotes a sense of community pride and can even reduce criminal activity.

Despite the array of meaningful benefits, we see governments, at all levels, cutting back recreation budgets. So how do evolving communities and organizations keep up with growing recreational needs?

SmartRink™ has recently launched a turnkey program to get community rinks fully funded and installed. RinkFunder is an unique way to make lasting community improvements, with the addition of a year round premium skating experience –- fully funded all within 60 days.

SmartRink™ Community Rinks

Check out our community synthetic ice rink projects and ask how these innovative solutions can help you.

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