synthetic ice summer training

Imagine synthetic ice rink summer training for your son or daughter! That would be pretty cool right? That is exactly what  young hockey player from St. George NB will be doing this summer on the 300 square foot synthetic ice surface his dad just purchased from us. They were here for a spring league hockey tournament and decided to come check out the product. They were impressed with the demo – enough that they filled up the back of their SUV with synthetic ice panels.

As I chatted with the proud hockey parents they were telling me how all their son wants to do is practice or play hockey. In all sincerity – this is the perfect hockey kid profile for synthetic ice. The parents who are already spending a lot of money on his budding hockey career will feel that this synthetic ice investment was worthwhile. Meanwhile the kid will be practicing and getting better every single day.

We talked about how they would really like him to get involved in some other sports like soccer or lacrosse. On the other hand they said he loves hockey and they don’t push him into it – he chooses to do it. The easy conclusion for this kid is that he will use his synthetic ice all summer long and most likely every day.

In this situation everyone is happy.

Learn more about synthetic ice rinks for hockey players.

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