Skate in Any Weather with Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice allows you to play hockey or figure skate in any weather – and it’s far more affordable and easier to install than you might imagine. Whether you’re a serious ice-based athlete that needs to log on extra training time in your sport or just want to enjoy the fun of an outdoor skating rink all year long, a synthetic ice rink is the perfect solution. Synthetic ice rinks do not require any refrigeration and provide a realistic skating surface that’s perfect for serious training or just for fun. While you will notice a difference between synthetic ice and the real thing, your skills and level of enjoyment will still skyrocket when you practice on a home synthetic ice rink.

How Does a Synthetic Ice Skating Rink Work?

A synthetic ice skating rink uses a an engineered polymer material that mimics the look and feel of real ice, but can be used in any temperature. Because of its realistic feel and durability, the synthetic ice skating rink is the perfect choice for professional or recreational athletes, like hockey players  or figure skaters, who are away from the ice. It’s also a great option for hockey teams that need additional practice space. Synthetic ice rinks have been installed inside shopping malls or at outdoor entertainment centers and have become a huge hit – especially in warmer climates where ice skating rinks are hard to come by. Check out our blog post about a SmartRink synthetic ice rink that was installed in the Caribbean!

Creating an Even Skating Surface with Synthetic Ice Panels

With any good synthetic ice skating rink, interlocking synthetic ice panels lock together to create a large, even surface for skating. Since you need a totally smooth surface to skate on, it’s important that you find synthetic ice panels that interlock without any seams that might cause interruptions in the smooth flow of skating. With interlocking ice panels, you can create a rink as small or as large as you need. A rink made of interlocking panels can accommodate a single skater or a large crowd, depending on the size you order.

How to Find a High Quality Synthetic Ice Rink for Sale

Finding a high-quality synthetic ice rink for sale can be tough. There are many types of fake ice out there – and a lot of it is not top quality. It’s important to know what you’re buying, before you spend too much on synthetic ice rinks. A high-quality synthetic ice skating rink will provide a smooth glide that feels  similar to real ice, just a little more resistance. It will also produce little residue or excess shavings. Cheap rinks often “peel” and leave behind a lot of dusty, messy residue. This creates a A lot of extra maintenance work and can literally slow down skaters.

SmartRink panels are different than most of the competition because they’re made from Ice-Y-Blue700™ engineered material. This material is guaranteed to provide a superior skating experience, as well as a 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed promise.


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