Synthetic Ice Project – Palm Coast, Florida

Palm Coast, Florida

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The Challenge

How do you create a unique fundraising event for the Arts Community? How about a Pop-Up 2000 square foot SmartRink in collaboration with the Palm Coast Arts Foundation in sunny Florida for a New Year’s gala fundraising event?



The Solution

The client chose synthetic ice because even though its winter time, it’s still hot in Florida! They needed something that wouldn’t melt, something that was unique, and a way to raise money for their foundation.  They chose SmartRink because we’re experienced with synthetic ice rentals, as well as installing with limited time and resources.  The SmartRink crew gathered the group of volunteers provided by the client for a short training session and delegated specific jobs for each person.  We were able to ensure the synthetic ice rink was installed properly, efficiently, and centered as required.  To ensure barriers were provided along all four sides, we installed the rink starting in one corner where the railings provided two barrier walls, and we used stanchions for the other two sides.  This worked out wonderfully because we were able to move the stanchions as required to provide access to the rink and participant flow.

The Result

Skating outside in Florida any time of the year would be a rare occurrence for the residents of Palm Coast.  This unique event quickly drew many people over the New Year’s holiday over 4 days. The volunteers were eager and happy to help, and the client was excited and impressed by how realistic the synthetic ice rink performed.  With the great turn-out over the 4 days, they were able to raise money to go towards installing a permanent roof over the stage.  This would enable the Palm Coast Arts Foundation to provide many more concerts and events on this stage for years to come, rain or shine!