Synthetic ice goal crease

It’s been a long time coming but finally the market has access to a proper NHL style synthetic ice goal crease!

SmartRink has always offered a goal crease for both residential and commercial synthetic ice rinks but frankly they didn’t look authentic enough. What we have typically done was machine a series of dots into the synthetic ice panels. This was a good system and certainly trouble free but the market told us they wanted something more professional looking. So we listened, and we challenged the R&D department to come up with something fantastic. They did not disappoint!

Some of our synthetic ice competitors had a good looking crease but upon closer inspection it was simply just not well designed. The ones we are familiar with were simply colored panel material fit into a opening without any positive connections to the surrounding panel system. This is an inexpensive method to make a crease but certainly not a solid design.With this design the crease panels are not locked into place and because they “float” the puck will “skip” over the crease area which is problematic. The issue is even more pronounced when the temperature fluctuates and the colored crease material expands and contracts at a different rate than the non crease panels. Big Problem!

But again, the SmartRink R&D department hit it out of the park and came up with a brilliant design that works with both our ProFast1500 and ProFast1800 series products. When this crease is completed its as if it was one single piece of material – its that strong! The puck smoothly crosses the crease panels no different than any other part of the rink. Inside or outside, this synthetic ice goal crease is top of the class in strength, durability, glide and looks.

If you are interested in getting more information about this crease product please contact us now!

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