Hockey Lines and Creases for Synthetic Ice Rinks

Hockey lines and creases for synthetic ice rinks need to be safe:

We receive inquiries everyday about the possibility of adding hockey lines and creases to synthetic ice rink products. Well the good news is that it is certainly possible. The bad news is that not many systems out there actually do it in a quality manner. Read on and I’ll explain. From what I have seen out there in the field many suppliers and re-sellers simply try to “loose lay” the lines and creases between the full panels of dovetail style synthetic ice. This is an extremely poor method of trying to add hockey lines and creases for synthetic ice rinks. Here’s why. First of all the substrate surface would have to be laser leveled and perfectly flat for this to work. It might work on the factory floor but introduce variables such as uneven asphalt or concrete and you’ll have a frustrating and unsafe installation on your hands. I have witnessed firsthand how pucks will not glide over this type of hockey line or crease for synthetic ice rinks. The market likes the do-it-yourself ease of the dovetail style joint system. Everyone sells one. But how we do hockey lines and creases for synthetic ice rinks is we actually machine the “lines” and goal creases into the panel – so that they are actually part of the panel.

Synthetic ice creases can be can have different looks

hockey lines and creases for synthetic ice rinks

Synthetic ice goal crease on the SmartSkate8000 product

We aren’t saying this is the “prettiest” or most authentic looking method by any stretch – but it looks quite good and more importantly it works excellent with puck movement and is completely safe for the skater. Now if you are really serious about looking pro then we can do that too. With our commercial lineup of synthetic ice we use a commercial grade connection system. You see – anyone that sells a standard dovetail system and calls it “commercial” grade needs a lesson in strength of connection systems. We sell three system that would qualify as a “commercial” grade because the horizontal and vertical tear apart strength is significantly greater than a standard dovetail system. Anyway – our commercial grade systems use solidly connected hockey lines and creases for synthetic ice rinks. And yes they are more expensive! But they look awesome, they are safe for the skater in any weather, and the puck nicely glides over them.

Hockey lines and creases for synthetic ice rinks for any indoor or outdoor application

hockey lines and creases for synthetic ice rinks

Commercial Synthetic Ice NHL Goal Crease

So if you happen to be in the market and are looking for hockey lines and creases for synthetic ice rinks then look no further. Call us and we can discuss your application and options.

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