Hockey Training Center

A Synthetic Ice Hockey Training Center

Randy Robataille played hockey professionally both in the NHL and the KHL. Now he has turned his attention to his newest business interest – a synthetic ice hockey training center. The newly minted hockey training center is called RinkEye Development Center located in Kanata Ontario just down the street from where the Ottawa Senators play.


hockey training center

Randy is joined by former professional and NCAA goalie Dave Stathos. Jointly they can take an entire team in this world class center through a rigorous hour long training session with focus on individual puck skills, skating drills, and goal tender training.

More information on the hockey training center can be found at

Synthetic Ice Panels for Hockey Training

The center piece of this hockey training center is the center rink made of SmartRink proFast1500-SG heady duty synthetic ice. Here are some of the comments we have heard so far:

“this product is amazing! and hardly any shavings come off the surface”

“after a single burst of speed I can glide around the entire rink!”

“The kids love it. They train in a t-shirt and shorts.”

SmartRink looked after the installation of the synthetic ice, the professional hockey boards, glass, perimeter netting and all the shooting lanes. It took three days to complete all the work.

How Much Does Synthetic Ice Cost?

This is the most common question we get asked. The problem with comparing synthetic ice products, is that unless you know the material you are comparing it is almost meaningless. We’ve seen price per square foot as low as $8 and as high as $28. We’ve written about understanding the importance of molecular weight in the past and how that relates to panel thickness and pricing relationships.

If you want a true comparison send us a request and we’ll do our best to answer your questions directly with fact based information. You can also click the following link to see our catalogue of synthetic ice panels.

The best raw material costs the most money and that directly translates into a higher cost panel – plain and simple. In the case of synthetic ice – paying less money is almost never a good thing.

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