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SmartSkate 8000 Synthetic Ice
2018-2019 Catalogue

SmartSkate 8000 Full Panel

The SmartSkate 8000 is our professional skating product – for the DIY home market.

SmartRink Guide Solution

SmartRink Glide Solution will keep your synthetic ice rink feeling like new.


SmartSkate 8000
Synthetic Ice Inquiry

This is our high performance synthetic ice skating panel – for less. Please complete the contact form below to receive assistance and pricing information on the SmartSkate8000 synthetic ice panel.

If you’re unsure or need assistance picking the ideal size for your available space, let us know how much area you have to work with and what activities you wish to perform, and we will make a recommendation. Please note that this is not an order form.


  • 40% longer glide than the competition
  • Get better at skating faster
  • At home skating & goalie training




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