Create an Ice Rink Anywhere With Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice makes skating a reality at home

Imagine being able to ice skate or play hockey in any weather, anywhere – synthetic ice makes it a reality. It used to be, in order to train for hockey or figure skating, you needed sub-zero temperatures. Not anymore. Revolutionary new technology makes it possible to create a synthetic ice rink that can be used indoors or outdoors, at any temperature. Synthetic ice requires no refrigeration and provides a skating surface that allows you to do anything you would normally do on real ice.

How Synthetic Ice Skating Rinks Work

Synthetic ice skating rinks are created from a man-made  engineered polymer material, rather than from frozen water. Rinks are constructed from interlocking synthetic ice panels, to create a smooth ice-like surface. Many professional athletes, from figure skaters to hockey stars, use synthetic ice to practice when real ice is not available or practical. Synthetic ice rinks have also been installed at warm weather resorts and indoor entertainment centers, making it possible for people to enjoy ice skating, no matter the weather.

Synthetic Ice Rinks Can Give You an Edge over Your Competition

It can be hard to find the space to get the practice needed to excel in ice-based sports, but synthetic ice rinks provide the perfect solution to this problem. Competition among young athletes has never been more serious – and the more time on the ice you get, the better your chances of success – whether in figure skating or hockey. Synthetic rinks can be installed in panels large enough to accommodate an entire hockey team, or small enough to meet the needs of a solo skater.

Sometimes the difference between making it or not in your chosen sport comes down to those extra few hours of practice a week. Synthetic ice makes it easy and practical to get all those practice hours in.

The World’s Best Synthetic Ice Skating Rink

When looking for a synthetic ice skating rink, it’s important to know what you’re buying, before you spend too much on  a synthetic rink that won’t meet your expectations. A high-quality synthetic ice skating rink should provide a superior glide and not feel as if it’s slowing you down to the point where you can not execute your moves.  Many synthetic ice products for sale can erode quickly and leave a dusty, messy residue behind and may have an uneven surface that can trip up skaters.

SmartRink panels are different – and it’s a difference that can be felt from the first skate. SmartRink synthetic ice is made from patented Ice-Y-Blue700™ engineered material, which offers a superior glide and doesn’t create messy residue or an excessive amount of shavings. SmartRink also promises perfectly tight panels that won’t buckle or cause safety concerns, as well as a 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed promise. To experience the SmartRink difference, visit their synthetic skating rink website to check out how synthetic ice can change the way you have fun and train on skates.

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