The SmartRink Difference

The best decision SmartRink ever made was partnering with OKULEN as their exclusive synthetic ice production facility.

Based out of Ahaus, Germany, OKULEN is a world class synthetic ice manufacturer whose materials are engineered only for skating purposes. They complete in house research, development and engineering to maintain the worldwide reputation, that is in our opinion, definitely deserved!

There are many manufacturers throughout North America and worldwide who use a inferior, extruded polyethylene material that just doesn’t meet the Smartrink quality standards for GLIDE, PERFORMANCE and DURABILITY. As a result, consumers can be left disappointed with products that simply do not meet expectations.  

What’s so different about OKULEN?

OKULEN uses only premium grade Very High Molecular Weight Pe resin as raw material. Only SINTER pressing is capable of using grades of this quality.

What is Sinter pressing?

Sinter pressing is a process that uses extreme hot and cold pressure to ensure an extremely dense material. OKULEN has a meticulous DIN ISO9001 quality system in place, which consistently produces an exceptional skating panel every time! The process ensures no gaps or air pockets, only a solid homogeneous sheet. During the process the material is de-stressed so that it always lies flat.

Smartrink companies and OKULEN have been in partnership for almost 30 years. It is our opinion that they are the finest manufacturer of engineered plastic in the world. They do not compromise on quality. Ever.

We pride ourselves in delivering only the best products to our clients and we value the importance of educating them to make informative decisions, regardless of who they purchase from.  Therefore, we continue to partner with OKULEN, giving our clients the quality product they deserve and trust!



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