Living the Dream on Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice can make a huge difference in your child’s skating and skills development. I receive a lot of calls from really proud hockey parents and figure skating parents who know their kids have some talent when it comes to skating or playing hockey. Like most parents they want their kids to be high achievers and to have every opportunity to be their best. They consider buying synthetic ice because it can truly make a difference in their children’s training and therefore their on ice performance.

I saw first hand what synthetic ice did for my kids

And it’s true. I have seen that with my own eyes with my own kids. Both of my kids are excellent skaters. My son now plays junior hockey while attending university, and my daughter is attending a hockey prep school on scholarship. I saw first hand what synthetic ice did for my kids hockey training at home.

Now I’m not talking about synthetic ice that is impossible to skate on, or turn, or pivot, or skate backwards. I’m talking about a high quality product that will help your child develop their skills. There is nothing worse than paying a bunch of your hard earned dollars on a product that over promises and under delivers. What will happen is your child will not like it, and they will not use it. My industry is full of synthetic ice companies like that. Whether you live in Canada, U.S.A., or anywhere in the world, there are a few great products, and a lot of just OK products. So research your synthetic ice company before you buy.

Buy a quality synthetic ice product

You can really help your child live the dream and train properly when they buy a quality synthetic ice product, or at the very least a synthetic ice product that might have lower quality but is priced appropriately.

Your child should be able to do anything on a good synthetic ice product that they can do on real ice. That said, synthetic ice will not instantly make your child a better skater. If the proper mechanics are not there to begin with then like anything it will become a work in progress. Great improvements can be made though rapidly because your child can now be practicing everyday at any time. There are no longer restrictions on ice times.

Train on synthetic ice at home, anytime you want

Imagine if your child was a good skater, but just could not lift the puck, or take a slap shot. A common enough scenario. Now put synthetic ice in your basement or garage and all of a sudden they can practice with their skates on – at home! Now instead of taking 100 shots in running shows they have their skates on and are at the correct height to take a shot because they are on top of synthetic ice. Now the possibilities are endless all of a sudden. Day by day the shots improves and now your child is actually encouraged and excited to go to practice again so they can show off their new skills to their team mates.

The next thing you know tryouts are here and your child is becoming the full package. Great skater, all the skills, all the things coaches look for in selections. You know you made a good decision in buying the synthetic ice for home and you have given your child every chance to make the most of it.

Having synthetic ice at home means training anytime. That’s a good feeling.

If you are serious about your child’s future development then an investment in synthetic ice is a wise one. There is probably no better training tool and they will be one step closer to fulfilling their dreams. Read more about why SmartRink synthetic ice would be great for you athlete.


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