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SmartRink Testimonials

Synthetic Ice Testimonials

At SmartRink we want to share our clients’ appreciation of their synthetic ice products:

Commercial Synthetic ice testimonials

~ C. Beaton, Facilities Superintendent , CNRL
“We were looking for an easy maintenance year around skating solution so our crews could start a hockey league and enjoy a great recreational activity. In the past we used natural ice but found it difficult to maintain and not as sustainable. We researched a number of products before settling with SmartRink. We really liked the combination of the strong joint connection for the severe climate, plus the high performance of the skating material. The Ice crew started on Monday and were finished by Friday morning. They worked safely and professionally alongside our some of our own crews. Overall it’s been a great experience. I have no problem recommending this product or this company.”

~ Eric Graves, Past President, Gamebreakers
“… SmartRink wins; hands down… it is much FASTER and it is easier to clean and maintain with very little residual and in fact, the amount of residual plastic  is reducing weekly whereas the Kwik rink ice continues to shave off in more significant amounts.”

Events synthetic ice testimonials

~ Rachel Church, Manager, Membership Engagement at Palace Sports & Entertainment
“SmartRink was a great option for our corporate event.  Between getting equipment shipped, onsite help and the overall look of the ice, everything went off without a hitch and looked fantastic.  Our guests had a great time and talked about it months after our event.”

~ R. Nadeau, New York Rangers, Director of Fan Development
“Thanks for everything Tim. You and your guys have been nothing short of phenomenal.”

~ Nick Genarelli, NHL Events and Entertainment
“we deal with SmartRink because we know they have the best product”

Home rink synthetic ice testimonials

~ Brad Michalski, Hockey Trainer, Wisconsin, USA

Tim, as you know I purchased your Pro Fast 8000 a year and a half ago.  I installed it in my garage and my son uses it all the time and I train kids on it as well.  I wanted to share a story about Gairin recently… 

Gairin is 6 years old (2007 birth year) and just finished his 2nd season as a mite but he is currently still Mini Mite age here in the U.S.  His season ended and Gairin still wanted to play hockey and there aren’t any Spring League teams here for him to play on due to his age.  So, I emailed the Director of Hockey for the Milwaukee Jr. Admirals “AAA” organization (I coach on the Girls side) and asked him if there were any opportunities for Gairin in the spring for his age group.  He sent an email back saying he can come tryout for the 2005 team.  He ended making the team.  I was at the rink and sitting in the stands with the Director of Hockey and the Director of Skill Development and they asked me about the Synthetic Ice, so I told them what I had and where I got it.  The DOSD asked me how often Gairin skates on it.  I told him anywhere between 5-7 days a week anywhere from 30 minutes to up to 4 hours a day.  Just whatever he feels like on that day I said.  He said I have to tell you that watching your son skate is an absolute joy and his stride is amazing.  He said I am not taking anything away from his natural ability but that Synthetic Ice has done so much for him.  The way he is on his edges is incredible.  He gets so low and really gets over on his edges.  He is very aggressive on his edges.  I said with the Synthetic Ice you have to be aggressive or your skates will slide so I have taught him to get low and lean over on his edges and I have worked on his stride for the past year and a half.  He said it shows and when his son is born in 6 weeks he wants to have an idea of what to get for him when he gets older so he can skate everyday.  I told him that The Synthetic Ice has been worth every penny.

This past weekend Gairin had another team day and a parent came up to me and said where did your son learn to skate like that and be so good on his edges.  I told him the same thing as the DOH and the DOSD a week ago.  The dad who played hockey said his stride is so beautiful and perfect.  I said Thanks but he has a lot to work on and a lot to learn.

After practice yesterday his coach approached me about my plans for Gairin next year.  I told him that he is still Mite age so he has to go back to Mites next year.  The only way he can move up is if he makes the Squirt A team and if not he has to go back to Mites.  He said that’s to bad that politics will get involved because Gairin is so far beyond Mite hockey and if I were to assess his play and skill level he is 3-4 years ahead of his age and would have no problems playing at the Squirt Level.  I will help him in any way I can he said so that his talent and skill aren’t wasted at the Mite age.  He said he is the best skater and best skilled player on the team right now and is 2 years younger than everyone else.  He said you can see his determination and attention span on the ice.  When I blow the whistle he is the first kid over to the board and on one knee and listens to everything I have to say about the next drill or whatever we are talking about and asking questions.  Then he is the first kid to hustle to the front of the line for the drill.  He is a pleasure to have on the team.  I said thank you and feel free to knock him out if he ever steps out of line.

I know this was a long winded email and several stories about Gairin but I just want to say a huge Thank you for all your help when I was trying to make a decision on what Synthetic Ice to buy. As you know from previous conversations I was down to 2 different companies and I chose Smart Rink because of your honesty and knowledge of your product.

If anyone is unsure of the product feel free to give them my cell phone number.

Thanks again Tim!

Brad Michalski,

~ M. Evans, Kingston, Ontario
“…no problem glad to help out and it’s pretty easy to show someone the ice when the product is so good and works so well…

~ Coach O Pighin, British Columbia
“…here is the link to the company I bought the ice from…it is the best!!!”…my son went from one of the lowest rated players in hockey to making the PeeweeA1 team this year!”