synthetic ice glide

SmartRink Glide Difference

The SmartRink glide difference is apparent right away, a quick skate will tell you that this is the best synthetic ice for hockey. Several key factors contribute to our unique product line:

Key Feature: Ice-Y-Blue700™ engineered synthetic ice skating material

  • Client Benefit and insight: Superior glide properties and durability. This si the best synthetic ice for hockey. In fact this synthetic ice product is so good we are willing to warranty it for as long as you use it! Not too hard and not too soft, that is not as easy as it may sound as it relates to a very high performance synthetic ice product. The skater needs to be able to edge into the product but not rip a massive gouge into it, or just slide across it. It needs to feel realistic to provide the confidence required for the skater to perform like they would on refrigerated ice. Our Very High Molecular Weight material delivers this to the skater.

Key Feature: SINTER PRESSED Synthetic Ice, No white dusty, messy residue


Sinter Press


  • Client Benefit and insight: Sinter pressed synthetic ice material means less cleanup, greater overall satisfaction. Compared to the typical competitors extruded sheet material SmartRink Synthetic Ice will not only last longer but our glide is up to 40% longer!




Key Feature: Actual Performance Testing Methods such as the Weighted skate test

  • Client Benefit and insight: The only true synthetic ice skating efficiency test Printthat ensures you are buying a high quality synthetic product. Most companies will cite the Coefficient of Friction (COF) tests to compare their product with refrigerated ice. This is not only a poor comparison – but frankly it’s misleading to the consumer. COF tests are not made using a weighted skate blade – so why talk about them? Even the sellers of synthetic ice don’t understand this – so how can a consumer ever be expected to understand?

SmartRink Synthetic Ice Weighted Skate Test

Key Feature: Superior grade resin as raw material ensures a consistent synthetic ice sheet every time

synthetic ice resin

  • Client Benefit and insight: Manufacturing standards based on DIN ISO 9001 ensure excellence in raw material consistency every time our panels are produced. This directly translates to a superior synthetic ice skating performance. Most sellers of synthetic ice have absolutely no clue where the raw materials comes from. Some producers simply switch from one resin supplier to the next looking for the cheapest price. This can result in mixed resin batches that can produce inconsistent materials with various negative consequences over the short and long term of a product life. The best synthetic ice for hockey only uses high quality materials.

Key Feature: Machining excellence

  • Client Benefit: Perfectly tight panel joints every time which means uncompromised safety, and higher levels of product satisfaction, and better skating.

Key Feature: Factory direct relationship

  • Client Benefit: Avoid additional markups, direct input to research and development, access to technical support.