Synthetic Ice Project – The Donalda Club, Ontario

The Donalda Club, Ontario


The Challenge

The Donalda Club is a private golf, tennis and curling club located in York Mills, Ontario Canada. They wished to offer additional winter recreational activities to their membership.  They are many different winter activities available but they had to decide which would bring the most impact to their club and improve membership.



The Solution

After researching a variety of different activities, they decided to go with synthetic ice.  SmartRink was the obvious choice because they were working with the NHL at the time for a big event where the Donalda staff were able to test out the surface.  Upon testing the surface and being impressed with the quality and skating experience they decided to rent our 40 x 80 surface for the winter months.

The installation took place on one of their tennis courts because it was well lit for nighttime use, and the surface was very level and flat. It took our crew 2 days to install and it would have been done more quickly but they had to battle a sudden winter snowstorm which slowed the crew down

The Result

What made this installation even more interesting was the client decided in February to flood over our synthetic surface and let mother nature freeze the water to have a perfect natural ice sheet surrounded by existing perimeter boards. This would not have been possible with other products because of the typical weak connection system. However, the SmartRink H-Tongue connection joint provides exceptional joint strength that even mother nature could not rip apart.