Synthetic Ice Project – Appleton, Newfoundland

Appleton, Newfoundland

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The Challenge

The rink was originally known as The Gamebreaker Training Centre Rink. It was a world class hockey training facility dedicated to improving hockey skills for kids of all ages in Metro Halifax. After 2 years of operation, the owners decided to shut down. IcePro committed to assist the owners in finding a new home for the rink facility. Fortunately, a phone call from Derm Flynn, Mayor of Appleton – turned out to be great news. Within 3 weeks of seeing the rink a deal was cemented and this rink was being moved to Appleton. Remove an existing, 2-year-old 100-foot x 50-foot rink, pack up over 2000 components, move it 1,130 kilometers away and then reinstall it – all in within a three week window! Coming up with the capital dollars to build a mechanically refrigerated ice rink is a tall order. A basic rink complex could cost $6 million. On top of that it has to be operated at a cost range of $7,000 – $10,000 per month including electricity, Zamboni, operator and so on. In comparison the Town of Appleton was able to complete their project for under $200,000. The operating costs are negligible. They hope to install a roof next season and that may cost another $80,000. However, this is an affordable project for most small communities and opens the door to accessible year-round skating.



The Solution

The town spent $20,000 to install an outdoor cement pad to place the rink on. The average seasonal temperatures in Appleton range from minus 8 degrees C to plus 16 degrees C with annual precipitation of 1200 mm. Lots of snow, lots of rain, lots of ice. Therefore, it was mandatory that the connection system be the Smart-Lock panel using the H-Tongue connectors. This is the only product able to withstand expansion / contraction forces and ice buildup. Skater safety is always the primary consideration, and this is the only product that would ensure that over the long term.

The Result

The client is extremely satisfied with our installation and the result. They have been very gracious in offering an invitation to bring in anyone who wishes to view the rink – the ultimate compliment in client satisfaction!