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Synthetic Ice Pilot

Sault Ste. Marie Synthetic Ice Pilot

A synthetic ice rink community pilot project is a great way for an interested community to try out synthetic ice and judge for themselves if it’s the right idea for them.

We have done a number of these pilots in various communities across Canada and the USA. Acceptance and approval numbers range from 60-85% of users in favor of installing a synthetic ice rink. Like a great many things within the public opinion world – many users are in that “maybe” category. Maybe is not a “no” however. Some people require further proof or convincing. That’s just the way it is – with a lot of things.

Some of what can alter pilot results as well is the venue or the information available at the pilot site. For example can questions be answered prior to filling out a survey? Another variable is sharp skates. I’ve literally seen people show up at these things with dull rusty skates that have not seen the light of day for 20 years. I wouldn’t want them to skate on real ice never mind synthetic!

Anyway – the bottom line when it comes to synthetic ice community pilot projects is that it’s a good idea to try it out at minimal cost. Often times businesses in the community will even sponsor of pay for the cost of the pilot.

Learn what it is like to skate on a synthetic ice rink!

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