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New synthetic ice technology finally here!

Finally there is a new technology available for synthetic ice that comes with an infused glide solution – that will not wear out!

SmartRink is now promoting their newest technology for synthetic ice! We call this the “SmartGlide” because it contains a glide additive that is found throughout the product.

But hang on a second, haven’t other companies been promoting this for some time already? Well yes they have, but the technology has never been that good frankly. in the case of one company the product actually feels “wet” and the silicon they use is seeping out of the material. What do you think happens when that continues to occur? What do you think happens when the product expands or contracts due to temperature changes? Presumably when that wet material leaches out then what is left behind is empty space and then the product will really start to wear down prematurely. This is one of several companies that advertise themselves as the “best in the world”. Well if that is the best then we would hate to see the worst! Other companies also claim to have mastered this complex manufacturing technique but when we have tested it out it just felt slow and indeed their clients have told us that they still need to add glide solution to the surface. Well that’s no good either.

So the R&D people behind our products decided to take this a step further and really examine another approach to making this work. What they were able to do was mix the dry resin with the glide additives in such a way as to create a product that was so thouroughly mixed that it actually feels “dry” to the touch but when skated on you can definitely notice the glide additives under the skate blades.

In the end we have produced a product that will not require the use of a sprayed on glide solution. And the best part is that it will never “leach” or “run” out of the sinter pressed sheet because it will be a single homogeneous sheet where the material in the centre of the sheet will be exactly the same as the material on the surface or the edges of the sheet.

So if you are researching or thinking about residential or commercial synthetic ice for your skating application then consider looking into the new SmartRink SmartGlide synthetic ice products.

They will outglide and outlast any of our competition.

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