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residential synthetic ice panels

Home rinks and product designated as “residential synthetic ice” panels are typically those smaller in size used in the backyard, garage, or basement. Your very own year round synthetic ice rink gives you the ability to enjoy unlimited ice time – get an edge by practicing at your convenience and enjoy recreational fun for the whole family!

SmartSkate8000 residential synthetic ice panels – The COMPETITION FIGHTER!

SmartSkate8000This is our high performance residential synthetic ice panel  – for less.

  • high molecular weight but has been tested to perform as well as much higher priced UHMWPe
  • SINTER pressed solid sheets – greater density – great durability
  • 15 year warrantee
  • can be used anywhere there is a solid flat, level surface Pricing

Profast8000 synthetic ice panels – others try but they can’t come close to this glide!

Profast8000 PanelThis is our professional series product. If you want the best synthetic ice panel material on the market, this is it!

  • VHMWPe providing excellent balance between longevity and market leading, exceptional performance.
  • Slip additives provide superior glide – for life!
  • LIFETIME warranty
  • UV stable
  • can be used anywhere there is a solid flat, level surface Pricing

Residential Synthetic Ice installation

Both of our residential synthetic ice products are simple to install. Each system comes in 39″ x 39″ panels that join together with a locking dovetail joint. No tools required, except for a rubber mallet! All that is required is a firm, flat surface such as cement, asphalt, or plywood to place the synthetic ice panels on.