SmartRink Product Quality

SmartRink Product Quality

Synthetic ice can be a significant investment. Whether you are a residential buyer or thinking of purchasing on a larger scale for a commercial venture, you want to have complete confidence in the quality of material, the machining, warranty and of course the service over a very long term.

The Factory

Strength In Partnership

SmartRink believes in working with the best and when it comes to manufacturing of synthetic ice panels we believe that OKULEN is the best. Based in Ahaus Germany, OKULEN is meticulous about its quality control and is thoroughly committed to designing and producing the best synthetic ice skating panel on the market.


OKULEN is a world class synthetic ice manufacturer of pressed polyethylene sheet products. They have taken this expertise and produced the world’s highest performing synthetic ice panel. OKULEN has in-house research, development and engineering capabilities second to none. They enjoy an excellent world-wide reputation and have worked hard to earn it. If you would like to visit the factory please contact us and we will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements.



We use only a premium grade resin as the raw material and then rigorously adhere to engineered material specifications during the manufacturing process. OKULEN has a meticulous DIN ISO9001 quality system in place – the result being an exceptional skating panel – every time.

“Our product is engineered only for skating purposes”

Pressing & Machining

The factory is not the largest in the world but it is one of the most efficient synthetic ice manufacturers, which allows us to be very cost competitive on a worldwide scale. Each sheet is produced through one of eighteen 170 ton computer controlled presses eventually forming our VHMWPe (Very High Molecular Weight) sheets. The process ensures no gaps or air pockets, only a solid homogeneous sheet.

The sheets are then precisely machined to exact product specifications using computer controlled (CNC) machines. From a client perspective that means you get what you would expect – a perfectly machined, high performing skating panel time after time.