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How I got better faster – a true story

This is a true story submitted to us by a client who appreciated our product so much that they felt they wanted to share it with us. We asked their permission to publish it and told them we would withhold their name and address for privacy purposes. The story goes like this:

My name is Joe. When I was 10 years old I was trying out for a competitive hockey team. I thought I was working hard and had a great chance of making a rep team. The first season of home synthetic ice rink, residential synthetic ice rink photosAtom I played in the recreational division and I was looking forward to tryouts in my second year of Atom becasue I was really hoping to make Atom B or A. But I didn’t make it. I was the last cut. I remember getting my slip of paper as I left the rink and being told I was to report to recreational balancing – which meant I did not make the team. I cried all the way home and was upset for a long time. How could I be the last cut 2 years in a row? It didn’t seem fair and all my friends were moving on to a higher level. 

I decided that I no longer wanted to be a forward that’s for sure. I went to balancing in the house league and in my first session I played defense and scored like 4 goals because I felt I had something to prove. That was fun!

The other thing that happened was my dad discovered this SmartRink synthetic ice product. He knew I was upset and he said he would help me catch up to kids playing at a higher level so next years tryouts would be better. 

He set it up in our garage at home so that I could train on synthetic ice at home whenever I wanted to. The big change for me playing defense was I had to work on my shot which was not great from the blue line. I could rush the puck pretty good and I scored lots of goals at that level because I was a good skater but shooting from far out was a problem. So I decided to shoot a lot pucks. What really made the difference for me was shooting with my skates on at home. I shot pucks everyday. My coach said said shoot 50-100 pucks a day and I did for about a year. One summer I kept track and I shot over 10,000 pucks at home on my SmartRink synthetic ice rink. I also did these puck handling drills and agility drills for 5-10 minutes a day sometimes more, but I almost never missed a day of doing something. Guess what? I got a lot better! 

The next tryout I made my rep team Peewee B. Within a month I was promoted to synthetic ice home trialPeewee A. Peewee was hard because that’s when checking starts. I wasn’t really so big yet so I found hitting hard. But my dad helped me at home on our synthetic ice rink. He even hung up his heavy bag from the ceiling and I could hit that skating around on the synthetic ice. Guess what? I got a lot better at hitting too! Coaches were starting to take notice of me and I even got called up to Peewee AAA now and then which was pretty cool.

By the time I got to midget I was playing AAA and then went to the high school league where I became team captain. I also became the go-to guy for power plays, penalty kills, and big time plays. One of the best moments I ever had in hockey came from scoring the winning goal in triple overtime to win the a big tournament. It was the best thing that ever happened. That year I was team MVP, League All-Star, and won several league awards – including a few scholarships that could be used for university. That was pretty cool!

I continued to play Junior hockey for 4 more years while I went to university. I was assistant captain for 3 of those years and continued to rack up lots of points and be a skilled puck moving defenceman. I continued to love playing hockey all the way through Junior. It’s funny looking back thinking I was never going to be a good hockey player.

When I do look back though I have to admit that having my dad buy that SmartRink synthetic ice rink for our garage was the best thing that ever happened for my hockey. That’s how I got better faster – because I was able to train with my skates on – everyday.

So thank you SmartRink for having an awesome product that was used everyday for more than 10 years. It helped me become a good hockey player and gave me the confidence to play at the best level I could.