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Community Synthetic Rink

SmartRink™ is dedicated to supporting communities through positive growth.

Active people lead healthier, happier lives. Studies also suggest that they have stronger connections to their communities.

However, improved access to recreational infrastructure means more than just fit and healthy residents. It means more opportunities for social engagement, stronger community spirit and a boost to the economy by way of tourism, revitalization programs and other revenue opportunities.

The idea of a Community Synthetic Ice Rink is just starting to catch on as cash strapped communities consider SmartRink Synthetic Ice as a viable recreation alternative. Not all synthetic ice products are well suited to community rink applications. Serious thought and consideration need to be given to the type of material and the right connection system for the application. SmartRink’s SINTER pressed synthetic ice material is trusted to deliver long term excellent performance and a connection system that will not fail over the short term or the long term.

Community Synthetic Ice Videos

We are committed to improving recreational access in all communities 

Whether you are a community struggling for funding, or a charity needing infrastructure, we have a solution for you. Check out our programs below and ask how our innovative solutions can help you.



RinkFunder is a turnkey program to get synthetic ice skating rinks fully funded and installed in your community. Our program brings together residents and businesses to support the funding of their municipal and neighbourhood rinks – all within 60 days.
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Score1ForKids focuses on developing recreational infrastructure for underserved youth. We bring together community and social change organizations, with the interest of supporting healthy development of kids in need of some extra support.  COMING SOON!


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