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Cave and Basin Synthetic Ice, Banff Alberta Canada

So here is the newest SmartRink project using our ProFast1800 heavy duty severe climate connection system for our synthetic ice. It’s no coincidence that clients are asking us for this connection system because they know just how awesome it is. It doesn’t matter if there is snow, ice, freezing temperatures or a heat wave, this connection system is the only one that will prevent the typical problems known to be caused by expansion and contraction of synthetic ice floors.

What is also really interesting about this synthetic ice video is that we get to show off just how well this product works without any glide solution added to the surface. The ProFast1800 material uses a dry slip additive as part of the manufacturing process. I can tell you first hand (just watch the video) how well it works. When the spray on glide enhancer is added the product can’t be beat in terms of realistic glide action for synthetic ice.

Cave and Basin is a National Historic Site developed and run by Parks Canada. The SmartRink synthetic ice surface installed here has become part of the multi million dollar restoration and enhancement of this beautiful historic site located in Banff Alberta. The site is surrounded by soaring mountains and might just be the most spectacular rink setting we have ever built.

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